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South Florida Welcomes Fall!

Welcoming Fall ... South Florida Style!

As we welcome cooler temperatures and pumpkin-spiced lattes to our daily routine, the amber hues of autumn will soon pepper much of our United States. Well, with one distinct exception… South Florida.

That doesn’t mean we cannot get into the autumnal spirit here in the land of year-round sun and fun.  In South Florida, we can welcome fall into our lives just like our neighbors to the north, sans the bulky sweaters and boots. A touch of nature adds a warm, cozy addition to any décor. The seasonal change gives us a reason to spruce up our South Florida homes with a touch of autumn’s beauty.   

A simple seasonal splash of color is as easy as adding a generous bowl of brilliant green apples to your kitchen counter or dining table. Multi-colored pumpkins in different sizes tucked loosely into a cornucopia brings a traditional touch of Fall to any tablescape.

Hay bails at your front entrance or a grape vine wreath on your front door will add an easy pop of Fall to your home this season. A woven bowl filled with pine cones is just as easy, especially if you can pick up the cinnamon-scented ones readily available this time of year.

An easy pine cone project is hanging them from your dining light fixture. With minimal effort and cost you can create a unique, autumnal focal point sure to catch everyone's eye.

Need something a bit more creative? Remember those pine cones and pumpkins we mentioned? Pine cones can go from earthy to spectacular with a touch of glue and glitter.

Adorning pumpkins is limited only by your imagination from paint, to beads to stencils. Pine cones and pumpkins can even be sprayed in metallic hues to include a sleek, modern accent, namely when arranged with white pumpkins.  

Harvest corn is readily available at your local grocer and can be used in wreaths or candle arrangements bringing color and texture with a decidedly autumn-twist.   

Let your imagination run freely and get creative when making your South Florida home a bit more cozy this Fall. With a little creativity and a hand from mother nature, it is easier than you think!      

Copyright 2014: Valerie Anne Martinetti

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