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Selling a Home?

Selling your home is a big decision. You’ll find a few handy tips below to help you on your path. These ideas will educate you and enhance your ability to achieve a swift sale for a solid price. After all, the sale of your home means happy new beginnings are right around the corner at your next address and these tips are proven winners with home buyers.

A Good REALTOR®Makes Life Easier: Take your time and be diligent in your search for a REALTOR® that offers not just expertise but also establishes a good rapport with you. You want a REALTOR® who listens to you and instills confidence throughout the entire process. A REALTOR® who knows your neighborhood will have sound recommendations, consider them seriously and try to take their advice whenever possible. The goal of your REALTOR® and your goal must be identical - a successful sale, as quickly as possible for the highest price possible!

Spruce it Up: Little home repairs are inexpensive and simple ways to make your home stand out. A home free of paint scuffs, broken hardware or poorly functioning windows and doors brings a smile to buyers faces. Nothing is incidental when you want to put your best foot forward. Make an effort to repair torn screens and replace all burned out light bulbs. A home that has been cared for bodes well with buyers. Much of the lower priced homes in your neighborhood are either foreclosures or short sales, many of which are not in good showing condition. Imagine the competitive edge a clean, well cared for home gives a seller.

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative: Your ultimate goal is selling and moving out of your home, why not get a jump on it? You want potential buyers to imagine your house as their next home. Clean out those closets, now. Tightly packed closets give the appearance of insufficient storage. Sell or give away what you don’t intend to move. Chances are, if you haven’t used it in the last year, why pay to transport the item to your new home. Clear off as much as you can from tables and countertops. Pack away family photos and pack up all but a few of your decorator items and mementos. Buyers can better see themselves in your home if you as much as possible.

Curb Appeal: Your buyers will view your home from the outside in and first impressions are lasting impressions. Consider a fresh coat of paint, pressure cleaning of driveways and walking paths, re-mulching and general landscape clean up. Tidy up garbage or storage areas, too. Make the first impression an inviting impression. Try hanging a welcoming wreath on the front door or place a few pots of fresh flowers on the porch. Give your outdoor furniture a fresh cleaning and try adding a smart touch to spark your imagination. Create a mood with techniques like setting the outdoor patio table as you would for a friendly BBQ. Simple outdoor staging tips ignite the imagination of what their life might be like as owners of your home.

Be Nosey: You and your REALTOR® must check out your competition. Buyers who visit your home are comparing it to neighboring homes of like kind and price. Review what price range is selling in your area and why; considering factors like condition of properties, improvements, as well as specific location. Make preparations before you list to assure your home is realistically priced and shows as the gem of the neighborhood.

Price to Sell: Buyers have easy access to recent sale prices and property details in your neighborhood. Recent sold prices play an important role in what your home will sell for in the current market. By pricing your home effectively immediate interest will be generated from area REALTORS. A lot of activity is a cue to buyer's your home offers value for their home buying dollar, which will bring you to the closing table in shorter time.

Perks for Buyers: Distinguishing your home from your competition is essential. Discuss ideas with your REALTOR® and think outside the box. Conventional perks like credits at closing are great but, why not offer something more imaginative? Offering to pay lawn or pool care service for a month or two after closing will go over well. Set a pre-determined price for such services with your provider and the buyer will be happy to have a few things to worry about when they’re busy moving in. Do you have appliances or electronics you plan to replace in your new home? A TV already hanging on the wall is a welcome item to offer to leave behind. Or, perhaps your children have outgrown an elaborate gym in the backyard yet, your potential buyers have children the perfect age to enjoy it? If your home is waterfront, consider leaving behind a small vessel and your buyer’s imagination will run wild with visions of lazy afternoons on the water. Share creative ideas with your REALTOR® and offer a few perks that will grab the attention of potential buyers and set you apart from your competition.

Advertising in the Age of the Internet: Ask your REALTOR® to send you not just the printed advertising they are employing, ask for links to all internet and social media advertising, as well. Over 90% of home buyers begin their long before they start taking tours of prospective homes. Engaging internet advertising and social media campaigns that compel buyers to come see your home in are essential. Photographs should be crisp and flattering with as many photos as you need to present a thorough representation of your home.

Be a Show Off: When you decide to list your home make it easy to see so you will get as many potential buyers through your door as possible. Insisting on appointments or narrow time windows of availability can negatively interest in your home. Don’t forget, with foreclosures and short sales in most areas, many homes are vacant and easy to see; these homes are your direct competition. Keep up with your competition and be accommodating with your showing schedule. A home that is hard to see is harder to sell.

Copyright 2012: Valerie Anne Martinetti

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